Wanted: 65-yearold Imeldist classmates

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wrote the Imeldist kids...

Hi there Leandria, Loralie and mr/ms de vera,

Our mothers were classmates in High School in Blessed Imelda in Dagupan Pangasinan.
My mom, Flordeliz Sabolboro-Soriano, is very excited to contact your moms.

So I'd like to ask a favor from you:

1.) Please let your mom read this message.
2.) Show your mom the list below and ask her to
a.) get in touch with Flordeliz and other classmates who have contact info
b.) provide any additional information for classmates

Flordeliz Sabolboro Soriano:
Mobile: 00639179465093
telephone: 0063-74-4426938
email: florsoriano@gmail.com
website: http://imeldist1957.blogspot.com/

It would be great if our mom's can get re-acquainted. Hope you can help. Please visit http://imeldist1957.blogspot.com/ to read up on our progress ;-)


Friday, September 29, 2006

Lola Friendster finds her classmates

  • Ana Maria Borlongan
  • Josefina Fernandez
  • Normita Rosal-Mir - Found via the senior citizen network in Dagupan through Vice Mayor Fernandez. Called on telephone 0063-75-515-0304. Mom and Normita agreed to meet up in Dagupan one of these days.
  • Marilyn Pickell
  • Aleli Samson-Towers (?) - Based in Chicago +1773-935-7443 (updated April 2, 2007; Source: Tita Lydia Aquino-Mack)
  • Edeltrudes Zambrano
  • Lydia Castro-de Vera - Found at her residence near the bridge in Binmaley. Currently in the US visiting her son (Sept 2006). Will be back in Phils Oct 29. Tel 0063-75-543-2124 . Can be contacted through son rdevera@rocketmail.com . Telephone in US: 00925-7535418 .
  • Amelita Briones
  • Filomena Fernandez
  • Remedios Almonte

  • Lydia Aquino-Mack - In Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Married to Yow Mac with three grown kids. Can be contaced through daughter leandriam@yahoo.com
  • Corazon Briones
  • Lydia Caparas
  • Magdalena Carrillo
  • Aurora Castro - widowed twice. Now in Spain, living with her daughter
  • Lunas Fabia - Died of stroke in Dagupan in 2004 (according to Alma)
  • Carmelita Ferrer - Lives in Lingayen, Pangasinan
  • Maxima Flores
  • Alicia Golea-Reyes - Lives in an apartment in AB Fernandez St. near Dagupan electric. tel 522-8698 (updated April 2, 2007; Source: Tita Lydia Aquino-Mack)
  • Tita Gutierrez
  • Rosita Herramia
  • Felicitas Llanillo - According to Alma, Felicitas Llanillo died of cancer in 2005 in LA.
  • Exida Mendoza
  • Juanita Ocsan
  • Alma Padilla-Arciaga - In the LA area. Tel. 001-310-5183888. She may be able to give information regarding Josefina Fernandez, and Aleli Samson. We tried to call her on Sept 29 but we could not connect (it's late evening of sept 28 at their side).
  • Remedios Ramos
  • Rebecca Rosales
  • Flor Sabolboro (my mom!)
  • Felisa De Vera-Domagas - Lives in 954 Vienna St., SF CA 94112. Tel 415-333-4946. We can reach her through her daughter at siren62@aol.com .
  • Josefita De Vera
  • Veronica De Vera - Resides in Calmay, Dagupan. Cellphone: 0063-9195539301. In Metro Manila, lives in Blk 7, Lot 15, Metrogreen Village, San Bartolome, Novaliches, QC.
  • Florida Vidal
  • Leticia Vitug

Last updated: Sept 29, Flor and Edwin at Figaro, Filling Station, John Hay, Baguio City

Called Felisa de Vera Domagas :-)

We're at an Airborne Access hotspot. We called Felisa at California, USA.

We got the email address of Felisa's daughter. We'll send other Imeldist info so Felisa can help widen the network. Hope mom and Felisa can start exchanging e-mails.

Ah, The Lola Friendster experiment is working! :D

ka edong

Friday, September 15, 2006

E-mail from Tita Garing

Got an e-mail from Tita Garing. Here's some info. Yey! :

Edwin emailed Al seeking whereabouts of your classmates.We have been contacting our friends here in the Bay Area ( San Francisco & surrounding
cities) and so far we have the following

    • Aleli Samson - in LA or Chicago
    • Aurora Castro - H.E. Teacher (Bolusan)
    • Lunas Fabia - Lives in Bolusan ( before the bridge to Bolusan)
    • Tita Gutierrez - atchi nen Ramon Gutierrez, formerly of BPI Merchant Bank, husband of Cecile Evidente
    • Felicitas Llanilo - Tandoc, resides in Dagupan
    • Felisa de Vera - now Mrs. Romy Domags of Calasiao. Resides at 9xx Vienna St., San
      Francisco, California 941xx: Tel: 415-333-49xx

      As soon as we gather more info, I'll let you know.