Wanted: 65-yearold Imeldist classmates

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Plan

Because my mother's class was all girls, most of the names I have are maiden names. This will be a challenge when I search for classmates.

1.) Google search each name
2.) Search for Netizens in Dagupan with same last surnames - they might be relatives of the Imeldists of 1957
3.) Contact Domincan School
4.) Make a list on Alumni.Net

That's it so far. What other strategies can I use to find the Imeldists?


The hit list

Blessed Imelda's Academy Class of 1957
New name: Dominican School

Honor students (top 10):
  1. Ana Maria Borlongan
  2. Josefina Fernandez
  3. Normita Rosal
  4. Marilyn Pickell
  5. Aleli Samson
  6. Edeltrudes Zambrano
  7. Lydia Castro
  8. Amelita Briones
  9. Filomena Fernandez

  10. Remedios Almonte
  11. Lydia Aquino
  12. Corazon Briones
  13. Lydia Caparas
  14. Magdalena Carrillo
  15. Aurora Castro
  16. Lunas Fabia
  17. Carmelita Ferrer
  18. Maxima Flores
  19. Alicia Golea
  20. Tita Gutierrez
  21. Rosita Herramia
  22. Felicitas Llanillo
  23. Exida Mendoza
  24. Juanita Ocsan
  25. Alma Padilla
  26. Remedios Ramos
  27. Rebecca Rosales
  28. Flor Sabolboro (my mom!)
  29. Felisa De Vera
  30. Josefita De Vera
  31. Veronica De Vera
  32. Florida Vidal
  33. Leticia Vitug


Last updated: June 23

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Crusade

Over the past couple of years, I have been trying to teach my mother to use e-mail. Since she's in Baguio while I'm in Manila, I don't get the chance to coach her for long periods. She easily gets tired staring at the monitor so I get to coach her just around half an hour when I'm in Baguio. And that's not very often.

Long story short: I've been trying to find ways to motivate her to e-mail more often so she gets used to it.

And finally, she found one good motivation: To write her long lost elementary classmates.

Thus, this blog which aims to find her classmates and get in touch with them through e-mail. And then later, maybe even through skype or yahoo messenger! (?)

Let's see how it will go.

Goodluck to us, Mom!