Wanted: 65-yearold Imeldist classmates

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Renewing my search

I'm renewing my attempt to find my mom's classmates.

Today, I sent emails to contacts I found on the web. I also posted messages on some forums. Hope they can lead me to Pangasinan organizations who might have contact with the Imeldists.

Can you refer me to groups (federations/organizations) that may have contacts with Alumni of Blessed Imelda's Academy Class of 1957 (Dagupan, Philippines)?

I am helping my mother find these classmates. See here: http://imeldist1957.blogspot.com/ .

By the way, I found my way to the blog of Vice Mayor Alvin Fernandez. http://vmalvinfernandez.blogspot.com/ There's one person who we expect to have many contacts.

Let's see if there's any response to my emails and forum posts.