Wanted: 65-yearold Imeldist classmates

Friday, September 15, 2006

E-mail from Tita Garing

Got an e-mail from Tita Garing. Here's some info. Yey! :

Edwin emailed Al seeking whereabouts of your classmates.We have been contacting our friends here in the Bay Area ( San Francisco & surrounding
cities) and so far we have the following

    • Aleli Samson - in LA or Chicago
    • Aurora Castro - H.E. Teacher (Bolusan)
    • Lunas Fabia - Lives in Bolusan ( before the bridge to Bolusan)
    • Tita Gutierrez - atchi nen Ramon Gutierrez, formerly of BPI Merchant Bank, husband of Cecile Evidente
    • Felicitas Llanilo - Tandoc, resides in Dagupan
    • Felisa de Vera - now Mrs. Romy Domags of Calasiao. Resides at 9xx Vienna St., San
      Francisco, California 941xx: Tel: 415-333-49xx

      As soon as we gather more info, I'll let you know.


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